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Rosalie’s Lanterns

To pray with the International Misericordia Family, under the inspiration of Rosalie Cadron-Jetté, founder of the Misericordia Sisters, in communion with the members of IMF and the Misericordia Sisters, we suggest some means:

  • the Novena with Rosalie,
  • the Violet Prayer,
  • the Rosary;
  • Meditation Time;
  • the prayer request.
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To pray with the International Misericordia Family

Novena with Rosalie

This Novena is based on the stages of Rosalie Cadron-Jetté’s life and on the book of the Positio, the record of Rosalie’s virtues and reputation for sanctity which led to her becoming venerable.

This Novena is prayed annually, from March 27 to April 4, the day before Rosalie’s entry into heaven.

It has also been praying continuously since 2007. Each praying person thus ensures a continuous prayer for the glorification of Rosalie, for her work and for all the people who entrust their prayer requests to Rosalie.

The Novena prayer, therefore, is directed to four general intentions:

  • For mothers in distress, their children and their families;
  • For the International Family of Mercy: its members committed to this mission of the Church and those who are called to this mission;
  • For all those who entrust their prayer requests to FIM;
  • For the glorification of Rosalie.

We need your spiritual breath to support us in our prayer ministry. We invite all those who wish to pray the Novena Continues to register. Your participation will consist of reciting the Rosalie Novena for 9 days, where you are and at a time convenient to you, once or twice during the year.

To participate, contact the RCJC. We will send you your nine days of prayer along with the Novena booklet.

To access the Novena booklet: Novena to Rosalie.
To obtain a copy, contact the RCJC.
Send us your prayer requests. Fill out the form by clicking here.

Here are the nine days of the Novena with Rosalie in videos.

Day 1 Rosalie’s childhood

Day 2 The experience of stripping

Day 3 Rosalie, apostle of the marginalized

Day 4 Rosalie, cornerstone of a work of Mercy

Day 5 Rosalie, Mother of the Nativity

Day 6 Serve and Love

Day 7 Suffering and hope

Day 8 Hidden in the crucified Christ

Day 9 Rosalie, prophetic questioning

The Violet Prayer

In a spray of violets, we find a prayer written to help those who wish to pray to God the Father through Rosalie’s intercession.

“God of tenderness, you who know my heart and my desires, make me live in your mercy. May the audacity and compassion of Rosalie Cadron-Jetté be a constant inspiration for me and may I obtain the favor requested through her intercession. Through Jesus, source of Life. Amen.”

The spray of violets represents Rosalie’s simplicity and modesty, always at the service of others, of single mothers and their children.

To obtain a copy, contact us.

The Rosary

Inspired by the Sisters of Mercy who prayed the rosary every day, a group of praying members of the International Family of Mercy continue this tradition and invite you to pray in communion with them.

You can also join the members of the International Family of Mercy who are invited to pray the Rosary by a different Mystery every Friday at 8:30 am.

The rosary has an important place in the life of FIM because the patron of the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy is Mary, Mother of Mercy. Therefore, Mary, Mother of Mercy becomes the patroness of the International Family of Mercy (FIM) whose mission is a maternal mission on both the humanitarian and spiritual levels.

The CRCJ has recorded and put into images several mysteries of the Rosary.

Here are the different mysteries we propose.

The Joyful Mysteries with Rosalie

The Joyful Mystery with Rosalie

Rosario de los Misterios Gozosos con Rosalía

The Sorrowful Mysteries

The Luminous Mysteries

The Glorious Mysteries

The Mysteries of the Faith of Mary

The Mysteries of Mercy

The Mysteries of Compassion

Meditation Time

This Meditation Time to taste God’s love as a Family was recorded in the Chapel of the FIM House. It can be experienced at any time of the week and day.

We invite you to live it as a moment of pause and rest, a time of kindness just for oneself, to taste the tender Presence of the One who loves us with an unconditional love.

Let us therefore live this time of benevolence in family communion through our four general prayer intentions: the mother, her child and her loved ones; the International Family of Mercy; the glorification of Rosalie; all the intentions received at the CRCJ and the FIM. As well as the intentions that we each carry in our hearts.

Meditation time in French and English

Meditation time

Time of Meditation

Prayer requests

Many people contact the Rosalie-Cadron-Jetté Center to request prayers. These people believe in Rosalie, in her welcome, in her action of interceding for those who need it before the Father.

If you would like to request Rosalie’s help in praying for you, you can fill out the attached request form and send it to us by email or mail. On this intercession sheet, you will find several prayer intentions that you can select according to your needs. You thus ask Rosalie to intercede with the loving Christ in order to obtain for you the requested favor.

You can also write a prayer request by clicking here.

All your requests will be presented to the Lord during a time of Eucharistic adoration in the chapel of the FIM House. Also, be assured that every day, the members of the International Family of Mercy will unite their prayer with yours to ask God to help you.

If you have prayer requests, the Rosalie-Cadron-Jetté Center is there to receive them and to distribute them to the members of FIM who will pray for you.

Rosalie's Mercy Shawl

Over the centuries, shawls have come to symbolize tranquility, peace and spiritual support. This is how members of the Rosalie-Cadron-Jetté Center team were inspired to create Rosalie’s Misericordia Shawls.

These shawls are hand-knit, infused with the prayers of the knitters who design them, and given to people in need of comfort. They will be able to wrap themselves in prayers, consolation and spiritual strength during a difficult period in their lives. It is as if God wraps them in His mercy, as if He takes into His heart the “misery” they live.

When finished, the shawls are blessed by a priest before being given to the people.

The shawl is designed with fairly large knitting needles so that it is very light and soft. In addition, the wool will always be in shades of purple or lilac, as this is a symbolic color for the Sisters of Mercy and the International Family of Mercy.

Favors obtained

The Rosalie-Cadron-Jetté Center compiles all the favors obtained by those who pray to Rosalie and ask her intercession for various difficult circumstances in their lives.

Over the years, thousands of requests for intercession have been received by the CRCJ. Of this number, several requests were heard. It is very important to point out all the favors obtained at the Center in order to support the cause of canonization of Rosalie Cadron-Jetté currently underway at the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome. The more believers pray to her, the more they will get an answer to their request, the greater the proof that Rosalie is active in the lives of the people who trust her.

So never hesitate to contact us with any favor you may have obtained, no matter how small. It’s important!

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