Family Council

The International Misericordia Family has its own board of directors. This council is called “Family Council”. He sees to the smooth running of the Association and its influence. It is composed of seven (7) advisors. Each seat is occupied by a person imbued with the Charism of Mercy. At least four (4) of the seven (7) seats are occupied by committed members, therefore baptized in the Catholic Church.

The Family Council is composed of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and three advisors, each responsible for one of the following areas: Church/Spirituality, Humanitarian and Expert/Consulting. The Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Church/Spirituality Advisor must be committed, baptized members of the Catholic Church.

The members of the 2022-2024 Family Council are:

Michelle Pelletier, President

Nancy McMillan, Vice President

Nicole Thiffault, Secretary

David Montoya, Treasurer

Danielle Piché, Humanitarian Advisor

Alan Nickell, Expert Consultant

Gordon Self, Spiritual/Church Advisor

The International Misericordia Family

Mission Statement

“The International Misericordia Family (IMF) is a mission of the Catholic Church. In an ecumenical movement, the Christians who wish to join this spiritual Family commit themselves to live and perpetuate the Charism of Mercy in the footsteps of Rosalie Cadron-Jetté, founder of the Misericordia Sisters, through a very specific mission: to accompany and support the single mother and the mother of a family in a difficult maternity situation, her child and her family. This mission is also carried out through people and organizations that adhere to the humanitarian aspect of IMF.

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