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The Family Portrait of the International Family of Mercy takes a diverse form. The door of FIM is open to all persons and organizations who are motivated to serve life through the charism of Mercy.

In the International Family of Mercy, these people invest themselves according to their call, their gift and their talents. There is a place for everyone.

Some are more attracted to the spiritual life and prayer life of the Family and seek membership in the Church to grow as Christians. For others, it is the mission with the mother and children that is important to them.

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For organizations


An organization that recognizes itself in the history and mission of the single mother, in the founding values of Misericordia and in the spirit of family can apply for membership in the Humanitarian Life of FIM.


Membership in FIM allows the organization to unite with people who share the values of Mercy, where each person opens up to human experiences that develop their way of being and acting.

For individuals

Steps to join the Spiritual Component

Anyone who wishes to know more about the International Family of Mercy can contact the Rosalie Cadron-Jetté Center. It will be a pleasure to meet you and, according to your desires, to offer you the opportunity to participate in an integration process that will allow you to explore all the facets of the spiritual life of FIM.

The International Misericordia Family

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